A Team Building Activity For Your Staff

It is vital that your office staff have the chance to work on projects outside of their usual routine because routine and monotony usually reduce people’s efficiency and thinking power since they more or less become robots to the work that they do and stop actually thinking about what they are doing which can lead to mistakes. This is why it is important for you as the head of the office and as a business owner to try and implement some fun and exciting external projects that have nothing to do with the office work that they do on a daily basis to keep things interesting in the office.

A workplace make over

One really fun project that you can have at your office an office design project where everyone at the office gets together to give the office a brand new makeover. You can have the office staff divide themselves in to groups and you can have each team be in charge of a certain task. While none of you are professionals, there are many things that you can learn from the internet that can directly impact the workplace, the emotions of the staff and employees and also the work that is being done in the office.

Ask your staff to implement some of the basic principles of office fitouts in their design project when they are working and have explain to you why they did a certain thing and the reasoning behind it. Make it a research project that will be done over a few weeks where each team invests some time in to studying basic interior design principles and the effects of certain colours on the workplace and the work done by the staff working in the workplace. Click here for more info on office fitouts North Sydney.

As an example having red in your office can help to bring about passion and aggressiveness in their work and it can also bring about a sense of heighten awareness in the work place which is always a good thing especially if your work involves creativity. If you have a creative team or a creative department, you can have a lot of red in the design of this room in order to bring about these emotions. Orange on the other hand can bring about energy and energetic emotions. Therefore having orange in the office could make your staff work harder because they will have more energy to do so. Yellow has been known to make people feel happy while shades of green can make a person feel stable.